Professional Dress Code in Business Etiquette for Men

Suits have always been the darling of men's clothing kingdom, and "suits and leather shoes" are often used to describe gentlemen and handsome men. The main features of suits are crisp appearance, smooth lines and comfortable wearing. If it is paired with a tie, it will look more elegant and simple. The reason why the suit lasts forever is that it has a profound cultural connotation. The mainstream suit culture is often labeled as "educated, cultured, gentlemanly, and authoritative".

Since the 19th century, suits have become business and formal clothing in most countries in the world.

Business etiquette is the code of conduct and practice that people use to maintain corporate image or personal image and show respect and friendliness to their contacts in business activities. Simply put, it is the etiquette norms, the art of communication and the models that people apply in business situations. It is the application and embodiment of general etiquette in business activities.


The standard matching of suits, the upper and lower pieces must be a set, must be made of the same fabric, and even the direction of the lines must be consistent, it is best not to match them separately. There are usually two styles of suits to choose from, two-button and three-button suits. Both single-button and multi-button suits are not standard formal wear.

The color of business formal suits should be dark pigment, preferably navy blue series. Appropriate light and dark lines are also available, but it must be solemn. Black suits belong to the very formal series of ceremonial occasions or tooling series.


It is best not to wear patterns on the shirts of business people, and at most to have a little light and faint light and dark stripes.

There are three sizes to look out for when picking a suit shirt:

First, the size of the neckline. The size of the neckline is suitable for the space of two fingers (after the tie is finished);

Second, shoulder width. The edge where the sleeves and shoulders meet can tell whether a shirt fits properly. It should be at the transition position of the shoulders, basically at the corner. If it is too far down, it means that the shoulders of the shirt are too wide, and if it goes too far, it means that the shirt is too wide. Shirt shoulders that are too narrow;

Third, sleeve length. The length of the sleeves should be a few centimeters outside the cuffs of the suit after buttoning up the suit.


The choice of men's tie should pay attention to three points: color, pattern and length.

Color Choice

Dress ties are best in blue or purple. Pure red ties can be worn on festive occasions, but in formal official and business events, only the No. 1 leader can wear pure red ties.

Pattern Selection

The pattern of the tie is also particular. It is best to choose gentle and excessive patterns such as twill, positive pattern, triangle, and dots. These are collectively called geometric patterns.

Choice of Length

The proper length of the tie after it is fastened lies in the position of the big arrow of the tie. It is better for the big arrow to be between the upper and lower edges of the belt buckle.



The belt should be made of cowhide, the style should be exquisite, and the belt buckle should not be exaggerated. Regarding the color of the belt, there is a saying; a standard men's suit should have three leather goods of the same color, which are belt, leather shoes and leather bag.


Do not match dark-colored suits with light-colored socks, especially white or bright-colored socks. It is recommended to choose dark-colored socks, such as black and dark blue, when wearing formal clothes.

(6)Leather Shoes

Formal leather shoes require bright uppers and regular shapes, and the word "bright" is very important. Wearing a beautiful formal suit, you must present a pair of polished leather shoes in front of everyone, even if it is a pair of old leather shoes, you should also polish it.

Use of suit pockets

(1) The left chest pocket on the front of the jacket: People often put pens or business card holders and other items in this pocket, which is wrong. This pocket is a decorative pocket.

(2) Two pockets at the hem of the front body of the jacket: these two pockets are decorative pockets, and they are not allowed to put things.

(3) Pockets inside the jacket: These two pockets are functional, and we can put business card holders, pens, ticket holders, etc. here.

(4) The back pocket of the trousers: The back pocket of the trousers is not filled with things. Avoid bulging, which affects the appearance of trousers.

(5) The front pockets of trousers: these two trouser pockets can be placed in an appropriate amount, and the principle is not to affect the beauty of the trousers.

Choice of accessories

In addition to matching formal clothes, some accessories should also be added. For example, it is best for men to wear a watch, and if it is a formal watch, jewelry is only allowed to wear wedding rings. Remember that no keys and other objects can be hung on the belt.

Common sense of suit maintenance

  1. Most of the suits with better quality are made of natural fibers such as wool, silk, and mohair. Therefore, local tension can easily cause deformation. Let it "rest" properly before it "recovers".
  2. Dust is the biggest enemy of suits, so you should always use a brush to remove dust. Some dust that is not easy to remove can be glued away with adhesive tape, which works very well.
  3. It is best to use wooden or plastic wide-handled arc-shaped hangers for hanging suits.

Men's Business Etiquette Dress Taboo

(1)Short trousers, the standard length of trousers is that the trousers cover the leather shoes.

(2)Put the shirt outside the trousers.

(3)The collar of the shirt is too large, and there is a gap between the collar and the neck.

(4)Tie color dazzling.

(5)The tie is too short, generally the length of the tie should be such that the tip of the tie covers the belt buckle.

(6)Wear a tie without buttoning your shirt.

(7)The sleeves of the suit jacket are too long and should be 1 cm shorter than the shirt sleeves.

(8)Bulging sacs in the pockets of jackets and trousers of suits.

(9)Suit with sports shoes.

(10)Leather shoes and shoelaces are not coordinated in color.

Taboos in all aspects

Shirt: In the combination of a suit and a shirt, the hem of the shirt should be put into the trousers. After assembly, the collar and cuffs of the shirt should be about 1-2cm longer than the coat. A long-sleeve shirt in clean white or white with crisp blue stripes is a must-have basic clothing accessory. Please note: Once the neckline and cuffs are stained, they should not be worn on the body again. The shirt must be clean and ironed to look good.

Suit: A complete suit with a solid color and a darker color is suitable for many occasions and is the most useful. Men with dark complexions can choose from light and neutral colors. Tops with open pockets are only suitable for casual occasions, while tops with hidden pockets are suitable for formal occasions.

Socks: Dark socks can be worn with dark or light colored suits. Light-colored socks can be matched with light-colored suits, but not with dark-colored suits. Avoid using white socks with a suit. The principle of socks length is rather long than short.

Shoes: Black leather shoes are universal shoes, it can match any kind of dark suit. Gray shoes should never be matched with a dark suit, and light-colored shoes should only be matched with a light-colored suit. Patent leather shoes should only be worn with dresses. People with well-polished shoes will look particularly glamorous, and they are easy to give people a good impression. Dirty shoes are the most unsuitable for elegance.

Belt: Dark suits can be matched with dark belts, and light suits can be worn with dark or light belts. In addition, the color of the belt should be coordinated with the leather shoes.

Pocket scarf: the icing on the cake decoration, the color does not have to be the same as the tie, as long as the material is soft enough, it fits naturally in the pocket, even a white handkerchief is still competent, but it cannot be folded to death Put it in the bag rigidly, otherwise it is easy to be called "old-fashioned".